Anyone one else found an issue with the Mark All button while reconciling?

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I was just reconciling one of my investment accounts for month-end 2/28 for the first time since upgrading to Quicken 2011 Premier as I normally do.  Since I had only one transaction in March, I clicked the Mark All button with the intention of unchecking it next, however it just disappeared from the window without me doing anything.

Afterwards, I found I could not finish my reconciliation because I now had a difference equal to the item that disappeared.  I figured out that somehow Quicken was including this marked item, which was not part of this statement period, with my cleared items creating a difference.  Since it no longer showed up in the Reconcile Details window I could not unmark it.

I deleted the March item from the register and found I could then reconcile the account without a difference, which confirms that Quicken was internally including it with my other cleared items.  Afterwards I added my March transaction back to my register.

I don't know if I can reproduced this problem, never had this issue with Quicken 2008, which was my prior version.  Just trying to find out if anyone else has come across this or has any further insights.
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    I just updated from Q08 to Q11 and am encountering this problem.  There is exactly one transaction missing from both deposits and withdrawals.  As I haven't seen commentary indicating a resolution I suspect that the problem disappeared.

    This is the second problem I've had since updating. Time to find another solution?
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    I also have just seen the same problem in the Payments and Checks part of the reconcile screen.  In my case 2 checks were noted in the summary on bottom without any marked transactions showing.  To correct the problem I removed ALL "C" cleared marks from my tranactions in the register.  I was then able to reconcile ALL transactions against the statement.

    THIS IS A BUG as this problem nerver occured in any previous versions of Quicken.
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    The solution of marking the tranasctions as neither "c" nor "R" is the correct one.  

    The problem doesn't just happen with the "Mark All" button though.  It can be caused by just selecting a single transaction.  Also, you don't have to clear the "c" on all transactions in the register.  If you can figure out which tranasactions are "hidden" based on the item count and total amount, you just need to clear those.  

    To recreate the Cancelled-Reconciliation-Causes-Hidden-Selected-Items bug:

    Assume you are reconciling a statement for the calendar month of August.  If you have a debit (check etc) transaction in September that is not c or R, it will be in the list of "selectable" Decreases in the Reconcile screen.  

    Select the September transaction, then Cancel the reconciliation.  You will notice the register now has a "c" on the September transaction.  Go back into reconcile for August and the September transaction is no longer listed in the Decreases list, but it is in fact selected and the total line at the bottom will show this.  Go back to the register and clear the "c" from the transaction and the reconcile window will work correctly again.

    The problem seems to be caused by two things: 1) Quicken is changing the status of a transaction as soon as you select it, but not undoing that change when you Cancel the reconciliation. 2) This problem is compunded by the date-based selection logic used for the transactions in the Reconcile lists.  Because of the c, the trasaction is auto-selected, but the date logic doesn't display it.
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