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How do i assign an income / expense category to an investment transaction?

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On occasion, it would be useful to assign an income category to a transaction in an investment account -- example:  if one got a monetary gift that they deposited directly to an investment account. There does not appear to be a direct way to do this in Quicken. I have set up an "income log" that I use as a "clearing" account. I enter the gift and categorize it as such and then create an offsetting entry to transfer said gift to the investment account. The clearing account is now zero, but I can't figure out whether there is double counting when I generate reports, especially if I show internal transfers. Is there an easier and less obtuse way to do this?


  • splasher
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    edited October 2018
    In Q'2011, if you enter the transaction as a Deposit in an investment account, you can then set a category, don't know which version you are using.
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  • Howard Roark
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    Expanding on splasher's reply:

    Quicken investment accounts have had "Cash Transactions" for quite a few versions now (since at least Q2004).

    Investment account Cash transactions allow you to assign the category of your choice.

    Scroll down to the bottom of the "Enter transaction" list in the "Enter Transactions" dialog.
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