When downloading from bank statement to Quicken 2010 Starter Edition....

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I'm having trouble recognizing what some of these transactions are.  Granted, I've only just started doing this, but maybe someone has an answer.

When the transaction shows up in my register on Quicken, it isn't giving me the specifics of what the transaction was for.  In the Payee section, t's only telling me it's a check card purchase....not the specific info I need (i.e., the store), and same under the Memo section giving me check card purchase merchant purchase terminal XXXXX.  .  When I go into my account online, I can see exactly to whom I made the purchase, but I'm not getting all of that long description transferring in, so I'm having to go and edit all of these to be able to categorize them.  To be clear, this only happens with a check card purchase (using the debit/CC feature of the card).  It doesn't happen with preauthorized debits, ATM withdrawals or things like that.  

Any suggestions how to get this to pop in under the payee heading?  Since I'm new to this whole Quicken feature anyway (I have no idea why I didn't try this sooner), I'll take advice from those of you who are more familiar than me.  Granted, it's saving me time regardless, because I don't have to hand-type every transaction; however, it would be nice not to have to make any changes at all.  

Welcome to your thoughts, and thanks in advance!


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    Do you have any re-nameing rules in Quicken?

    Have you contacted your Bank to see if they can code the quicken file correctly for check card transactions?
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    I've used the renaming rules, but they only work for preauthorized things...they don't seem to want to stick for those check card purchases.  Bank won't comment, they sent me to Quicken (of course they did!).
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