Can Quicken display percentage of total account value in accounts bar?

I am a partner in an investment partnership but when I download the account data into Quicken I get the entire account holdings which is fine with me.  But then Quicken displays the total account value in my net worth instead of just the percentage of the account that is mine ownership.  Is there a way to change the amount displayed or to let the software know that the entire balance is not mine?  Right now I just have it not included but this is a significant part of my assets so my net worth is very incorrect.


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    This is why I can't use Quicken really. I can't split a joint account with my brother 50/50 so that the entire balance doesn't show up in my net worth. I can't find a way to fudge it. There is just no adjustment. i either own it or I don't own it. Very amateur and basic.
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