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I am trying to reconcile an account which has existed for several years without problem (Quicken 2010 Deluxe).

When the Statement Summary window (in which you check off the payments and deposits) is displayed, no items are checked on either side. The left column shows, as expected, "0 checks, debits". The right side, however, shows "2 deposits, credits" instead of 0.

The total amount for these two items (which are, as far as I can tell, invisible) is the same as the difference between the "cleared balance" and the balance from the last reconciled statement (the "cleared balance" is higher than it should be).

All transactions from account inception through the last reconciled statement are marked "R" and the "balance" column in the ledger shows the correct amount. The online balance and the ending balance in the ledger agree. So, as far as I can tell, all transactions are present and accounted for properly.

The "opening balance" on the "Reconcile Online Account" window is correct, and matches the reconciled balance in the ledger.

The file has been fully validated, with no problems.

Any idea what could be causing this or, at the least, how I can proceed from this point?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or suggestions.


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    I had this problem once; I was able to solve it, though I have no idea what the underlying cause was.

    If you have the exact problem I had and you're lucky, your reconcile statement date will not be too far in the past.

    In my case, the transactions that should not have affected the reconcile had *posting* dates later than the reconcile statement ending date (so they should not have affected the current reconcile - they belonged in a future reconcile). I was able to locate the specific transactions, which I removed (temporarily) from the account (Cut/Paste into a temporary account). With the offending transactions removed from the account, the reconcile then went smoothly. After completing the reconcile, I put the transactions back into the account

    [Actually, it was a bit more complicated than that, since there were several reconciles involved, and the offending transactions belonged in some of the reconciles ... but the concept should remain the same.]

    If your problem is the same as mine, find the problem transactions, remove them from the account temporarily, finish the reconcile, then put the transactions back. Just a note: in my case, the reconcile statement ending date was in a previous year, while the problem transactions were in a subsequent year.

    [Since you only have 2 transactions, you *may* be able to delete and re-enter them to get them out of the reconcile.]

    In any event, the key for me was identifying the specific transactions that were being wrongly utilized by the reconcile. I was pretty sure I knew which ones they were, but removing them from the account, allowed me to verify with a certainty that I had the right transactions ... since as soon as they were no longer in the account, the reconcile worked perfectly.
    [EDIT. Note: it is not necessary to "delete" the offending transactions - or even move them to another account. You can use "Cut transaction(s)", do the reconcile, then use "Paste transaction(s)" to put the transactions back in the register. If you have any concern, backup first.]
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    Here are a few alternatives; which could help in any Quicken account, but which may be the only possibilities for investment accounts.

    A couple of users have reported that clicking "Mark All" then "Clear All" in the reconcile dialog resets the reconcile subtotals to zero - permitting a successful reconcile. [Subtotals should be zero when no transactions are "marked" in the reconcile.]

    You can also try clicking "Finish Later", then returning to the reconcile.

    Another alternative is to avoid the reconcile dialog, and manually mark the correct transactions as reconciled - hoping next month's reconcile will not have the problem.

    Yet another approach is to skip the current reconcile - wait until the next month to reconcile; when, hopefully, the transactions that did not belong in this month's reconcile subtotals will belong in next month's reconcile subtotals.

    [EDIT. At least one user has reported "clearing" this type of reconcile problem by doing a " Super Validate" (Backup. Then File > File Operations < hold down CTRL+SHIFT while clicking Validate and Repair).]

    [As of today (Jan 30, 2016) this bug has not been fixed in any released version of Quicken, which includes the most current version, Q2016 R4.]
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