FAQ: I have encountered "price history disappeared" issue.

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I've worked through the articles:

Downloaded Security Quotes Are Not Updating Current Price
Recalculate the Investment Register
Removing and Rebuilding Security Price History in Quicken Windows

and the only thing that's "worked" is removing and rebuilding, but it only goes back 5 years and doesn't include any securities without ticker symbols.

Working through backups I find that this error actually occurred 1/24 so I suppose I could restore to that point and renter 12 or 13 days of data.

Any better thoughts here?  QD2010

Tom Young


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    I'm not clear whether you tried to remove the price history for just one security (assuming that it was only one security whose price history was corrupted ... which has usually been the case).

    If you can solve the corruption part of the problem by removing only the price history for one security, your recovery problems can be reduced.

    In any event, there is a way to recover your price history from any of your Quicken files. The general process is to: "unzip" the file whose prices you want to recover (which will produce several Quicken sub files, one of which will be the old QPH price history file), use a third-party application to extract price history from the QPH file to a properly formatted ascii file of prices; import that ascii price file into your current Quicken file.

    Apparently, not all zip applications will unzip a Quicken QDF file, but I believe "7-zip" will do the trick (and I think there are others). I believe 7-Zip is free.

    I would copy the backup file to some temporary folder so nothing you do with the file will harm either the backup or your current file.

    The third-party app you need is "The QPH File Processor". It's free and you can find it with Google.

    Steps to take:
    1.) Unzip the "backup".
    2.) Use "The QPH File Processor" to select the desired prices from the unzipped QPH file, and create the ascii price file.
    3.) In your regular Quicken file; go to Investing > Portfolio.
    4.) File > File Import > Import security prices .... Select the file from step #2.

    [Technically, it shouldn't matter whether the QDF file you extract the prices from has corrupted prices. I don't believe The QPH File Processor will try to make use of any corrupted prices. You could probably satisfy yourself on this score by creating a test Quicken file and importing The QPH File Processor ascii file created from a QPH file you knew contained corrupt prices.]
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    I don't remember if I had the option to only delete the one price history so all security histories were deleted.  But I take it that you can select the one security's history to delete?

    So, in a nutshell, delete the one price history, recover the price history from the last known good file, import the recovered price history into the current file.  Sound correct?

    If so, I'll give it a whirl this afternoon.

    Tom Young

  • Howard RoarkHoward Roark Member
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    To delete the price history for one security:

    Tools > Security List
    Select the security and click Edit
    Modify the ticker symbol to a unique value; say "ZZZZZ".
    When Quicken asks whether you want to "copy" the quotes to the new ticker, or "delete" the quotes, select "Delete".
    Change the ticker back to its correct value.

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    As I had started on manually bringing the last good file up to date I ended up not using your suggested method.  The manual updating was more difficult than I expected so I might not have made the right choice here.  I'll keep you method close in case I need to do this again.

    After last month's problem with the "back in time" change in basis of a security and now this I'm thinking that each evening I need to perform a proof of equity - both with and without unrealized gains - and then backup the file.


    Tom Young

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    Note (12-08-15):
    Intuit changed the format of the QPH file beginning with Q2012. That change broke the original version of the QPH File Processor for Q2012 files and later.
    The developer of the QPH File Processor has kindly agreed to update the application to handle QPH files created in Q2012 and later. The updated version can handle QPH files from all Quicken versions. You can get the latest version of the application here: http://www.reltan.com/

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