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FAQ: How do I enter budget amounts for previous months in Q2012 for Windows.

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    Generally speaking, "January" is "January" for whatever budget report you are running.
    But, if you find that your "modified" January budget amount (for example) is not appearing in your budget report, you may have Quicken set to "Use historical budget", instead of "Use current budget".
    To change that setting:
    Planning > Budgets
    In the resulting display, where the Month and Year are shown in a dropdown at the top of the display, click the arrow to the left of the Month/Year and change the month to any month in the past.
    A new dropdown will then appear to the right of the Month/Year, and in that dropdown you can select "Use current budget". That selection should make use of prior months in the "current budget" (you probably will still need to modify the previous month's amounts in the "Advanced Budget Setup" ... where "January" will just be "January", despite what year may be displayed.).
    [This faq applies to Q2012 for Windows, only.]

    [10-31-13 Note: When you follow the directions above, the budget display will NOT change appearance. The current month will still be displayed in the left-most column. When January is not the current month, a future year will still appear somewhere to the right of the current month. Ignore the appearance: all the months displayed will be for the current year.]
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