FAQ: Installing and using Quicken 2015 Windows on machine without network.

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Note you need another machine with network for this workaround (or just enable network on machine during the install/register).


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    First install and register on a machine with a network.

    Now collect the following files for use on the machine without a network.

    1) Quicken 2015 install program.

    2) Manual patch install, which you can get from: http://knowledgebase.quicken.com/support/help/quicken-update-files/GEN82197.html

    3) Quicken.ini file. Put %ALLUSERSPROFILE%Application DataIntuitQuickenConfigQuicken.ini in Run on the Start Menu and use Save As to save it where you can get it (as Quicken.ini).

    4) Note it is a good idea to create an empty Quicken data file connected to an Intuit Id, just in case you need one in the future. Even though it is required for all Quicken data files to be connected to an Intuit Id, once that Id is in the Quicken data file, it doesn’t have actually be used on a network. Note: certainly don’t turn on mobile or connect the Intuit Id to either the Quicken password vault or a Quicken data file password.

    Now on the machine without a network.

    1) Install Quicken 2015, but don’t start it.

    2) Install manual patch, but don’t start Quicken.

    3) Copy the Quicken.ini to:

    a. %ALLUSERSPROFILE%Application DataIntuitQuickenConfigQuicken.ini.

    b. One way to do this is just put that path in Start -> Run and replace everything in the Quicken.ini file with what is in the Quicken.ini from the first machine.

    4) You can now run Quicken 2015 and open your data file. Please note that if you need a new Quicken data file, copy and use the new data file you created on the first machine.

    Note %ALLUSERSPROFILE% is usually C:ProgramData.
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