FAQ: How to Install or Re-install from a CD or DVD, your Quicken Program.

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Hi All,

This is for all versions of Quicken 2015 for Windows not just Premier.

Firefox 32-Bit from here: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/new/

Waterfox 64-Bit from here: https://www.waterfoxproject.org/

Create a New Folder on the Desktop or Create a new Briefcase Folder on the Desktop and rename the Folder, New Briefcase, which can be done in Windows 10, too.

Once you have done that, start Firefox or Waterfox and go into Tools then click Options. On the General Tab, find Downloads, then Under Downloads see Save files to:. Click on the Browse Button. Click Desktop then click on New Briefcase. Saves you the trouble of having to tell where to Save the Downloads to and makes the downloads, easier to find, right on the Desktop..

If you purchased from Quicken.com, browse to http://www.quicken.com/. Once the Website loads, hover your Mouse over Sign In and then click My Account.

On the Next page, fill in your information, used to buy the product, or Create a New Account, if you do not have an Account.

If there is Password on your current Quicken Data File, before you can successfully convert your Quicken Data File, you need to Open your existing Quicken Installed Program and remove the Quicken Data File's password.

Once the Password is removed, make a Manual Backup of your Quicken Data File.

Close Quicken. Do not uninstall it.

Re-open Firefox or Waterfox and click on the link below for downloading QCleanUI.exe

Download QcleanUI.exe from this link:



Scroll down and see QCleanUI listed under Attachments. Left-click on QCleanUI.exe to start the Download and click Save. Left-click on MSIClean.exe to start the Download and click Save.

Create a new sub-folder of Briefcase and name it QClean. Move both QCleanUI.exe and MSIClean.exe into QClean. Now simply open QClean. Right-click on QCleanUI.exe and left-click Run as administrator. Choose to Clean All Versions. Do not use Programs and Features to uninstall your Quicken Program.

Reboot the computer. On Reboot, use Explorer to delete / no need to rename the following folders:

C:Program Files (x86)Quicken





Empty the following folders, with the exception of Files in use:



Run Disk Cleanup. Reboot the computer.

Insert the Quicken CD or DVD in your DVD Drive.

Click to run Setup.

Once the program is installed a Window will Popup concerning Program Updates click Cancel.

Reboot the computer.

Now click on Quicken to Open Quicken. It will not find any Quicken Data Files, because it doesn't know where to look. Choose to Restore a Backup Quicken Data File. Let Quicken Convert it, before using One Step Update.

When you go to Register the program again, be sure to click Already have an Intuit ID.

When the Consolidate your passwords? Window pops open, be sure to read it thoroughly.

Before using One Step Update, check your Converted Quicken Data File.

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