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Is there any way to accurately track the donation of ESPP shares so that, at sale, the full charitab

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edited February 2019 in Investing (Windows)

I own shares through an employer stock purchase plan (ESPP).

I have begun donating some of the shares that I have held for many years to charities.  At the time of the gift, the donor of ESPP shares recognizes ordinary income in the amount of the share discount provided in the ESPP (often 15%) and a full charitable deduction for the value of the donated shares (the average of the high and low prices for the stock on the date of the donation).  This treatment is similar when the shares are sold (discount is taxed as ordinary income while stock price appreciation available for capital gains treatment as long as holding periods are met).

I cannot figure out a way for Quicken to capture the amount of ordinary income and to also capture the amount of the donation.


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