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With Rental Property Manager 2016 how can I keep the actual deposit date and memo information when m

When I ENTER a new Rent in Rental RENT Center, it creates a non-cleared entry in my register. When I click to match that with the actual deposit, Quicken uses the date for the 1st of the month vs the actual deposit date. Also, I lose the MEMO from the bank that was associated with the actual deposit. How can I keep the actual deposit date and memo information when matching transtactions


  • Howard Roark
    Howard Roark Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited August 2016
    If you are initiating a "match" by clicking an existing register transaction, that means you are having Quicken "Automatically add [downloaded transactions] to banking registers".

    I suggest you turn off the "auto add" option - then you will be able to initiate the "match" from the downloaded transaction in the "Downloaded Transactions" tab. I believe that approach will retain the downloaded memo as long as the matched register transaction has a blank memo when you initiate the match.

    As far as the deposit date is concerned, I don't think you can alter that behavior, but I don't see why you would need to.
    When a "New" downloaded transaction is added to your Quicken register, it is most likely given the "Posting Date" (the date the transaction cleared the bank) as its Transaction Date - that is what the financial institution usually sends.
    The Quicken "Transaction date" should be the date the transaction occurred - which is often not the date the transaction cleared the financial institution. So personally, I do not want my Quicken Transaction Date to be the same as the Posting Date unless they are the same in the real-world. Not usually true for checks I receive and deposit.

    Quicken has a separate (hidden) field for storing the "Posting Date" of a transaction. That field is automatically populated by the "Downloaded Posting Date" for downloaded transactions.
    You can see the Downloaded Posting Date by telling Quicken to display that column in the register. Click the small gear-wheel icon immediately above the vertical slider and check "Downloaded Posting Date".
    To see the "Posting Date" (which is the date Quicken uses for reconciling): right-click a transaction and hold down CTRL while left-clicking "Copy transaction(s)".
    When a downloaded transaction is Accepted, Quicken places the "Downloading Posting Date" in the "Posting Date" field. The user can modify the "Posting Date" but not the "Downloaded Posting Date".
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