I can't back up attachments in Quicken Personal Plus 2011. "Quicken cannot complete your request bec

I get the message that "Quicken cannot complete your request because there is not enough disk space to back up the attachment(s)." I then get the message that the "Quicken data file backed up successfully." My 'Attachment' file is about 2.07Gb. I have more than enough space on multiple HDDs to do the backup (279Gb free on one HDD for example) and terabytes of free space on my NAS. I have heard that Quicken doesn't play nice with a NAS but my data file does backup to my NAS. I wish to resolve this issue before I upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I'm considering upgrading to the latest version of Quicken in parallel with the upgrade to Windows 10.


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    Quicken PP 2011 is a package put out through Reckon software of Australia.  Contact them.
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    I am having the very same problem with Quicken Personal Plus 2020. I have been using this product for twenty years and have always stored my programs on C: and my data on E:. It has always been fine but only recently have I started experiencing this problem. I have 103GB free on C: and 500GB on E:. What has changed suddenly?
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