Will there be a Quicken Home and Business for Mac in the future? (213 Legacy Votes +1 Merged Vote)



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    Just in case anyone in the Dev Department has been following this thread (for years?) and thought, "Nahhhh, we don't need a Quicken H & B for Mac," I am in pain thinking that the only way I am going to attain financial overview nirvana is to purchase a Windows machine.

    I'm adding my not-so-quiet voice to the I want QH&B for Mac.

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    We who want a Home and Business version for Mac can help move this forward by sharing with the developers specific features that we do (and do not) want to see in such a product. This will help them size up the task by narrowing its scope to the features in highest demand, without wasting time on "feature bloat".

    The Discussion thread where this input is being gathered is here:

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    Yes please - a Home & Business version for Mac as soon as possible. This discussion has been going on for years from what I can see here. I also made the switch to Mac a couple of years ago and went through the learning curve of how to function in the Mac version of Quicken. It is functional, but not great - though as a cross border user, I was very happy to see the FBAR report this year. But I am currently paying for a separate software for invoicing and would much rather do it through Quicken. I have been using Quicken since before computers had hard drives - started with floppies - must have been version 1.
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    @catrahal The developers have stated that they plan to develop some business features for Quicken Mac. If you want a voice in what actually emerges, please post your comments in this other thread, where the developers are seeking input from users on what specific business features you would need.

    For instance, you mentioned invoicing, and it's important to post in that thread what functinality you need/expect/would like for invoicing. Do you just need to generate invoices to print and mail? Do you want to be able to send invoices via email from within the program? Do you need to keep track of the payment status of the invoices (e.g. receivables tracking)? Do you need to accept payments online via credit card as part of the program? The more details, the better, so they don't build a set of features which you look at and find isn't useful enough.

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  • My company only uses Apple computers, which makes very difficult to have the software required to run Quicken home and bussines.. it makes us have a Parallels platform, a Windows license, a antivirus for Windows software an Quicken for Windows.

    It would be awesome to have Quicken directly as a App for Apple Mac computers, such as the Quicken Premier or Deluxe versiones that already exists but do not handle receibable or Payable accounts that are essential to run my business

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    Would really love to have H&B for Mac. Would save a lot of headaches.

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    I want to vote for a version of Home and Business for the Mac. I am actively looking for a quicken alternative because you do not have a mac version of the Home and Business app.