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Will there be a Quicken Home and Business for Mac in the future? (213 Legacy Votes)



  • NickTessNickTess Member
    Is there a team working on H&B for Mac?
    What is the estimated completion date; 3 Months, 6 Months, > 9 Months?
    If the product is not in development, why not? Lack of demand, low priority, lack of resources?

    I am more specifically looking for the Property Manager/Landlord functions.

    On the Mac!
  • John_in_NCJohn_in_NC SuperUser, Mac Beta ✭✭✭✭
    Hi, Nick:

    We are just fellow users here answering questions. None of us know the answer to this, and even if we did know (which I don't), we wouldn't be allowed to speak until it is official.

    I know this isn't the answer you were looking for, but until Quicken staff speaks, we must wait. I realize there are some users such as yourself waiting. I can appreciate your frustration.
  • gvive59gvive59 Member
    Im here waiting too
  • I have been a Mac user for about 5 years now and I've been using the regular Mac version. I NEED Home & Business and won't be renewing my subscription until they come up with it for Mac. I understand they need funds but I'm tired of paying for something that isn't giving me what I need.
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