The Bills view calendar should be the "full" view calendar so that people can limit what accounts ar

The Bills view has a restricted calendar on it.  It is missing the options to do things like select the accounts or show the memorized payee list.

These are basically essential for the use of the calendar.

You can get the "full" calendar by selecting it on the Home tab so it really shouldn't be that hard to put the same thing on the Bills view where people expect it.
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    Thank you for this suggestion.  I need some clarity on this proposal though.  I believe you are talking about Bills tab -> Bill Reminders -> View as -> Calendar option.  Yes this doesn't display all the calendar options.  However you can click on 'Show Full Calendar' to view the full-fledged calendar. Is that not serving your purpose?  Or do you think it's an overhead to click on 'Show Full Calendar' every time?  Please let me know your thoughts. 
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    In a way you might say it is a "why not?" answer.

    If the real answer is was why not just click on Full Calendar?, then why not just drop it and tell users to select Ctrl+K or have just one button Full Calendar?

    And the answer is to all of this is, this is the Bills tab and the calendar is one way that people like to view and work with their bills.  So it great that it is there, so why should they have to go somewhere else to use the "full calendar".  If you look at it in the Home tab or the full calendar the only real difference has to to with these controls/settings:
    There is plenty of space for them on the Bills view.  In fact it seems entirely possible that everything that is in the Bill's Calendar view could just be replaced by what is put on the Home tab when you select to have a calendar there.  If anything you have less space on the Home tab and it all fits fine there.  I see no compelling reason why the Bill's calendar isn't a "full" calendar.  It isn't like the options on the full calendar aren't useful on the Bills view.  I think the main reason it is like it is, is purely just the history of how these were developed, not really based on what is "best".

    A glaring example of the "non functional" of the "Bill's Calendar" is the daily balance.  A daily balance on each day is nice to have.  But the one shown in Bill's Calendar shows your net worth.  What good is that when you are looking at your bills?
    This total includes accounts that have nothing to do with "bills" (investment accounts).

    Also the other options allow the user to do things like view the memorized payee list, and use it to create transactions and such.  All very useful functions.
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    BTW I got caught in answering the question, but forgot to say thank you very much for considering this and the other ideas submitted here.  I think it is really great to have someone going through the ideas this way, and providing feedback.  It really shows that Quicken Inc does care about what the customers might want.
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