About Quicken for Mac Reporting - Add Subtotals, Ideally at the Bottom of Data (108 Legacy Votes)



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    YES, YES and YES!!!

    NOTE: The feature to select the columns to show/hide, as per this implemented idea
    Ability to Choose to Show/Hide Columns That Appear in Reports, will need to be revisited, to include these very same subtotals.

    It can only be implemented after the feature for subtotals in the idea thread here is implemented AND the columnar report format is implemented, as per this IDEA link above. An example from QM2007 to include the ability to show/hide the selection of subtotals, is shown here:

    The ability to select/de-select subtotal columns looks like this in QM2007, after you decide what columns (Classes/Tags) you want:

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  • Provide ability to change format so that totals are at bottom of columns rather than the top.
  • riaamp
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    Subtotals Below Please.
  • jacobs
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    If you want to see these report enhancements, comments are not enough -- remember to click here to go to the top of page 1 of this topic, look for the big blue box, and click the tiny gray arrow under the vote counter so the vote count goes up by one. User votes do matter! (And note that this topic had 108 "legacy votes" -- votes before the switch to this forum -- so more votes now could push this to the developers to consider.
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  • sscaffe
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    The new report engine does not seem to group the ‘tags’ within a specific category together (generating a total for each tag), instead only putting all the transactions inside the category in chronological order with the tag as a separate sortable column. Without this reporting function, the tag seems pointless. In other words, ‘tags’ is now a sortable column, but not a sub-category than can be totaled. Am I missing something? Is there a setting that can cause the report to subtotal the tags within a category?
  • jacobs
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    This idea thread asking for two things -- control over setting subtotal fields, and the capability to have subtotals at the bottom rather than the top of the data they sum -- has 123 votes as of this post. Yet it is still marked as "New" after four-and-a-half years. I am hoping a moderator can address why these requests have not been submitted to the developers for consideration after all this time? @Quicken_Tyka  @Quicken Sarah
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  • BenW
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    I concur. VERY unhappy this has been removed after using it all the time for years. Pretty useless without it.

    "Please add ability to have subtotals within subtotals in reports as in Q2007. Example: subtotal by tag then by category in each tag. "
  • jacobs
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    @BenW  Just a quick note to say that nothing has actually been removed from the modern Quicken Mac, which has been around since fall 2014. The developers are building in new features every couple months, and have been over the past 6 years, but there's still a long list of features users want them to add.

    Compared to the venerable old Quicken 2007, this is one of the features which hasn't yet been built for current Quicken Mac. But Quicken 2007 was built over more than 20 years of development, and when Apple's operating system changes forced them to start over developing a new generation of Quicken Mac, they had to start completely from scratch. It's been a long, winding, sometime tortuous road, and it was badly mis-managed by former parent Intuit, but there's steady -- albeit slow! -- progress towards making the new Quicken Mac a worthy successor to Quicken 2007.

    It may seem like just semantics to say "nothing was taken out; it just hasn't been built in yet", but I think it's a better and more realistic way to look at where we've been, where we are today, and where we will hopefully be another year or two down the road. And more report improvements -- including user-controlled sub-totals, sub-totals on the bottom, investment reports and improved budget reports -- are all things I hope to see come to fruition over the next year or so.
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