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I am constantly printing Quicken reports.  I am looking for the fastest way to do this printing.  I would like to avoid the print dialog coming up each time I want to print a report.  I would like to do a quick print where all current default settings in the print dialog are used and the print dialog is not shown.  This would save me a lot of time.  I am using Home & Business 2014.
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    This is currently not possible.
    I suggest that you re-post this, but mark it as an Idea instead of a question so Quicken Inc will take it as a suggestion.
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    Thank you for your suggestion.  Makes sense to have an easy print option.  However there are not a lot of users who are 'printing' with Quicken and hence we have not put in efforts to improve that area of the product, in the recent past.

    Will add this idea to our backlog of improvements and get to this when we can.  
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