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Stock purchase transactions with "N/A' in cost field

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edited September 2018 in Investing (Windows)

Quicken 2016 Premier  Release R 8 (  Purchased to upgrade 2006 version.

Calendar year investment data had been manually entered for 2015 in 2006 version.  I have been manually entering data back as far a Feb 2010.

I am having a problem with some buy and sell transactions.  I manually enter all the transaction data but "N/A" appears in the "Cash Amount" field on the register and doesn't adjust the account cash balance.

I have used the validate database function.  I have deleted the transaction(s) and re-entered the data multiple times and  can't get a clean register entry.  The tab below says there are no placeholder entries for/in the account.  A search for placeholder returns a report with 79 entries that are not visible in any of the account transaction registers.

I have register transactions with a specific quantity listed but a holdings report has a different quantity listed for the lot.

This has been so frustrating that I getting ready to return the program package and look for a different product to track my investments and household cash flow.

How can I fix this?


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    edited September 2018

    Go into Edit / Preferences / Investment transactions and activate the setting "Show hidden transactions".

    For more about
    Placeholders please go into Quicken Help (press the F1 key from anywhere in
    Quicken) and perform a Contents search for "placeholder".

    Alternatively or in addition to the above, read
    the first few articles found here: https://www.quicken.com/search/site/placeholder

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