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Placeholder Question with Vanguard Acct

Beijing Mac
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I have Quicken 2015 Rental Property Manager (Release R 11  I am running Windows 10 Home.

I have recently created a new account for my 401K and set up the Direct Connect as my connection method for this account.  It is with Vanguard.  I did have an account set up for this account that I was maintaining manually (for the past 25 years).  The original account was current for shares owned and reconciled with the online data.

After the initial connection with Vanguard, I transferred the securities from my original Quicken account to the new account.  So then I was set up with the new account and Direct Connect for downloading activity and price history updates.

My preferences are set to manually add downloaded transactions and to NOT Compare Portfolio after download.


A recent update and download of activity in this Vanguard 401K file has now created Placeholder Entries.  These placeholders are not showing in the register, only in the tab at the bottom of the register window or in the Holdings Report or in the security detail view.


My preferences are set to "show hidden transactions"

However, these do not show in the register list.  All that show is my normal activity of deposit from my paycheck and the Buy & Sell activity.

below is a screen shot for a typical fund "american funds europacific:


All that shows for 8/23 is the "Sold" action.  (note that the 8/8 activity is the transfer of the funds from the old account to the new account)

If I create a print report for this account and save to an excel file, I can see the extra activity for that Placeholder date of 8/23:


I have tried to review the older postings on Placeholders and have tried to follow the recommendations.  I am not automatically accepting downloads and never accepted the addition of these placeholders.  I have set my preferences to show the hidden transactions but they don't show.

Right now I am batting zero in deleting these placeholders and am turning to the community for help.....  Does anyone have any other suggestions on how to delete these 46 Placeholders in this account?  (It only shows 4 if I uncheck the "show hidden transactions").  

These placeholders are preventing Quicken from accurately reporting my correct shares and account balance.  My share balance was accurate before the placeholders occurring and my desire is to simply delete them.


  • Beijing Mac
    Beijing Mac Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited November 2018
    Anyone with any ideas? Does Quicken 2016 not have this Placeholder bug? Or will it get addressed in 2017?
  • Bob_L
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    Can you delete them from a banking transactions report? Backup first!
    Quicken Premier Subscription, Windows 10 Home
  • markus1957
    markus1957 SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    edited December 2016
    Bob L said:

    Can you delete them from a banking transactions report? Backup first!

    If they do not show up in the Banking Transactions report, see if you can edit the Placeholder in the Downloaded Transactions Placeholder tab (enter history link) and change the date of the placeholder. Then go back to the Report and try to delete it; I faced this a few years ago and as I recall, the key to solving it was editing the placeholder date which then exposed it for regular handling.
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