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Security list detail not reconciling to the transactions listed in brokerage account

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Security list detail window shows purchases of a stock on three separate occassions. The transaction register for the brokerage account shows the three separate purchases. The "holdings" under "secuirty detail" shows "0" and the stock is not reflected in the "Holdings" summary for the brokerage account.  Put another way, the security is showing up as purchased but does not show as a "holding" anywhere.   Does anyone know how to fix this?  I have already made sure the security is not "hidden" and that it is checked for automatic downloads.  When I download transactions for the brokerage account the individual security purchases show up, but they are not reflected anywhere as "holdings".  I have Quicken 2016 for Windows.


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    Check for Placeholders.  Go to the register, there is a Placeholders tab at the bottom.
    Placeholders are suggested/added when what is in Quicken doesn't agree with what the financial institution sent as far as how many shares of each security is concerned.

    A Placeholder adds or removes shares to do this.
    If you find a placeholder removing your shares, deleting the placeholder will make them show up again in your holdings.

    Also you can select the gear icon in the register and select:
    Register preferences -> select Show hidden transactions
    (hidden transactions, are placeholders)

    With that setting on you will be able to see the placeholders in your register.
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