Add the ability to carry forward report format to Quicken Mac from other versions (102 Legacy Votes)

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All report formats are lost when upgrading from QM2007 or from QWin to new QMac. Please add the ability to carry forward all report formats.

This feature would help address several issues/scenarios:
  • migrating from QM2007
  • migrating from QWin to QMac
  • ability to export and re-import report formats when as a troubleshooting approach, all transactions from a data file are exported into a new data file used to resolve some internal database problems.
(I myself have about 80 memorized reports. Recreating them would be a huge undertaking, from setting up, to testing, to validation. Of course, it requires that QMac have the corresponding report format to be able to carry them forward.)

This feature could be incorporated into this IDEA or be a separate feature:
Add Ability to Select Content of QXF File for Export

This has been requested MANY times in the forum, from both QMac users AND QWin users. The following are just a few samples of requests that support Requests for ability to import existing saved reports:

From QM2007: 

From Windows:

Data export and re-import:
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