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Add ability to upload/attach bank Statements (8 Legacy Votes)

Please only vote for the Ability to Upload/attach Bank Statements and Notices to an account register at the top here.

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Bringing essential Quicken for Windows features to Quicken for Mac - 

I have been initially using MS Money until it went away. When I switched to Quicken for Windows, each version was getting better and better. however, Mac version looks like a VERY simplified version of the Windows edition. Please integrate the ability to review the dowloaded transactions before accepting the or matching them with transactions already entered manually.

Also, it would be nice to be able able to upload bank statements and notices to a particular account. Is there a possibility to also download images of cleared checks instead of having to save them manually attach them to each check transaction? 

Finally, the online bill pay feature for the banks that offer them takes way too many clicks. Quicken Windows Edition bill pay feature is much easier and more intuitive. Adding a tab or section on the left side called BillPay would be easier to find, navigated schedule a payment. You'd simply click on BillPay, select the account you want pay from, selective payee previously set up with your bank's online bill pay, and schedule the payment.
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