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How to handle ARM acquisition for cash - 9/2016

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A stock I had - ARM Holdings - was recently acquired for cash.
For my Schwab account, the cash came thru into my Schwab cash account,
but there was never any corresponding downloaded transaction
to "remove" the ARMH stock shares -
Just looked online at my Schwab account history, and the "transaction" is listed :
---> Cash Merger

SO - I entered the transaction manually.... just to remove the shares from the account.

Just wondering what any other holders of the stock - ARMH - have seen in their investment accounts ?
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    I don't/didn't own ARMH, but what I would do would probably depend on the tax consequences.
    If it was in a tax deferred account, it doesn't matter much what you so (sell or remove shares).
    If it was in a taxable account this would be no different than you selling it and as such I would turn it into a sell of the shares, and a transfer to the cash account.
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