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Quicken will not ABBV to my security list and thus I can't enter a transaction

Jerry Damerow
Jerry Damerow Member ✭✭
edited October 2018 in Investing (Windows)
I purchased shares of Abbot spin off AbbVie (ABBV) and Quicken finds it on line but will not add it to my security list.  I was having a data file crash and suspect this may be the reason.  This spin off took place a long time ago.


  • NotACPA
    NotACPA SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    edited October 2018
    Try doing CTRL-Y to display your securities list.  Click "Show hidden securities" at the bottom of the window.  Click the Symbol column header to sort your securities.  Is ABBV already in the list?

    Re: the file crash.  Try validating your Q data file.
    1) FILE, FIle Operations, Copy (leave all settings as the default)
    2) Using the Copy, FILE, File Operations, Validate and Repair ... being sure to check both "Validate File" and "Rebuild Securities Lots" before you click OK.
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