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Will the new Quicken rental allow for tenant accounts to be tracked in a format that can be sent via email? For example, show the date rent paid and the late fees for a specified period of time.  Currently, I have to use an excel spreadsheet to create invoice like format to send to tenants who are late.  It would also help when a tenant moves out to charge back the fees to their deposits for cleaning and damage.   Quicken rental- next version.


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    Anyone that knows what is or isn't in the next version of Quicken would be under a non disclosure agreement or an employee that can't tell you.  So you would have to wait for the release to say.

    BUT any changes start with a request and then maybe in time it gets into some version of Quicken.
    Currently Quicken Inc is taking ideas by someone submitting them here posted as an Idea.
    And then people that like that idea can select Me Too to vote on it.

    At this point this your post sounds like an "idea".

    So hopefully a moderator will change it to that.
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