Add the ability to automatically update at a specific time such as 6 AM daily

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Vote for feature to automatically update at a specific time such as 6 AM daily

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    When opening Quicken 2017 for Mac it would very nice to have the program automatically update all online accounts instead of having to manually trigger the update of all online accounts. All my previous windows versions have allowed for the user to set this feature according to his/her needs.
  • Adam SamuelsAdam Samuels Member
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    it's important to be able to schedule frequency as well as time. currently, direct connecting with quicken 2017 results in daily updates, which some financial institutions charge for - mine [Union Bank of California] included.
  • rl4265rl4265 Member
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    I too would like to come to computer and see updated results

    I'd slsuggest changing banks to one that doesn't charge.
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