List of Requests for Report Related Features in Quicken for Mac (177 Legacy Votes)

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This post is to try to consolidate in one place all posts for IDEAS for different types of report features, configurations and related discussions, such as formatting or organization of info.

This is to simplify finding and voting for these requests, so as to improve visibility of these requests to the developers.

1. Click the little grey triangle under the VOTE count in the blue banner at the bottom of this post to VOTE to promote this list, to encourage other users to also vote on the items may take a moment to register (if it is black, you have already voted). 

You still have to go to their respective page and add your vote there for it to count!

2Click the yellow star at the top of this thread if you want to receive notifications of any updates to this thread, like new IDEAS added.  

3. Now click on each link below you are interested in, then VOTE on EACH IDEA separately on the respective page that opens up, in the same way as mentioned above.

If you do not click VOTE at the top of the page of each feature, your vote will NOT be counted for THAT specific feature!

NOTE: If you have your own related IDEA, DO NOT add it to the list below. Instead, create your own IDEA thread and it will eventually get added to/cross-referenced in this list. This is so others can add their vote to it. Otherwise, their votes cannot be recorded/counted for it.

When you are done here, I also highly recommend that you browse through the entire Product IDEAS list for QMac of this forum and VOTE for the request of each of the other missing features to be added back into Quicken for help direct the priorities of the developers.

To see an organized list of ideas (it is a large subset of the most popular but not the complete list, yet) click on this underlined link and follow the instructions:
Categorized List of IDEAS of Feature Requests and Enhancements to Vote On

or if you prefer this layout:
EXPANDED List of Categorized IDEAS of Feature Requests and Enhancements to Vote On

Now VOTE to your heart's content! Your VOTE matters!

(When you are done, you may also want to  add your VOTE for different TYPES of reports, here:
List of Requests for Report Types

The following post is a backdrop of the issues around the current design of reports in QMac and a reflection of the desire to have a customizable reporting engine with the power and flexibility of QM2007 and QWin.

As an example, I highlight how in QM2016 it takes 4 separate reports that are achieved with only 1 report template in QM2007
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