financial analysis of investments

I use Quicken to download banking and brokerage information and it works great.  What that means is that quicken contains all transactions related to a stock, including purchase price, commissions, dividends and current market price.  If I have private investments that I track, I would also have similar information in terms of Initial Investments Costs/Priceimage, Cash returns, and Current Value.  Since all that info exists in quicken, it would be really easy to have Quicken use a the equivalent of Excel's XIRR function to computer an annualized IRR one or more investments.  This way I could see how various investments of mine have fared.  For example, I might compare three stocks and an apartment building over the last five years.  See the attached jpeg.  (note - when I use the words "Total IRR", I mean the total IRR for both cash and unrealized gains but still on an ANNUAL basis).  Using annual IRR information I find is a very useful tool for comparing actual or potential investments.
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