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Missing investment account in Transaction Group

apfef2 Member
edited June 2018 in Investing (Windows)

Using QW Premiere 2015 in Windows 7.  I'm trying either to edit or to delete-and-recreate a Scheduled Investment Transaction Group with a single transaction in it (an IRA Minimum Required Distribution; I need to alter one or two details in this scheduled transaction.)  I've had this Scheduled Transaction Group going for about eight years without issues, but now I notice the IRA account in which the transaction takes place is missing from the drop-down list of accounts in the Edit Transaction Group window.  Can't select the relevant IRA account because it's not on the drop-down list, can only select any other (wrong) account.  Nothing otherwise is out-of-whack with the account itself or the many MRD transactions shown in the account register.  Also, a different Scheduled Investment Transaction Group with five MRD transactions in it from a different account is still working fine.  The transaction itself appears in the list of Memorized Investment Transactions, and its box is checked when viewing the Edit Transaction Group window.  Will appreciate any thoughts on this.


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    edited November 2016
    I had the same problem.  Is the account set up as a single mutual fund account?  If so, change that to "No".  Go to Account List-Edit Account-General Tab-Single Mutual Fund=No
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