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I am currently looking for a way to track notes for each property. For example I would like to enter the account information for utilities for each property. Right now I have a duplex which creates a unit A and Unit B but I can not go into Unit A and enter in the information about the utilities. It would also be nice to look at more details about the renter and be able to attach documents or image files to the Properties and or the Tenants. I have been looking at and like their options but I like the way Quicken works as well.
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    In the Invoice, you can either add a note in the "Customer Message" field or in the Memo field. the Checking register, you can add an attachment or flag for a note by clicking the icon under the date. Not sure if you're already creating Invoice Reminders for each tenant, but you would add invoice items for each unit (Business tab > Business Actions > Invoice and Estimates > View All Invoice Items) then assign categories using the forward slash: Item: Utilities/Unit A.............Category: Utilities/Unit A. If you created a separate Utilities account, you can apply both payments from tenant, and charges from utility company in that account.
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