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How do I record the P&G to Cody reorg?

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P&G spun off a division to Coty via several confusing transactions. The transaction drop down does not have options which take the steps to spin-off to a "XXX" account, then re-org that amount, then convert to a stock split in the hand-off. The only thing that is easy is the "Cash-In-Lieu" option. That I can do. Any help out there?


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    Ref: Exchange Offer PDF

    I recently commented here on a similar Reverse Morris transaction.  This one does appear similar to that one, though at this time I am not seeing clear commentary on the P&G Coty deal.  

    Based on the information I have seen, it would appear that the same sequence in Quicken applies:
    1. Remove Shares transaction:  Remove the number of shares of P&G that were accepted by P&G as part of the tender process.  Note the acquisition date and cost basis of those accepted shares.
    2. Add Shares transaction:   Enter this transaction for the Coty shares received.  It appears you are receiving 3.9033 times as many shares as were accepted.  If 20 of your PG shares were accepted, you would be doing an Add Shares for 78.066 shares of Coty.  Use the same acquisition date and total cost basis of the PG shares you just removed.   
    3. Sell Shares:  Enter a Sell Shares transaction for any fractional share not actually received (the 0.066 shares in my hypothetical above).  The transaction amount for that sale is the cash-in-lieu amount you received.  
    Backup your data before going though those steps.  Be prepared to make corrections (redo the three transactions) if additional data comes forward.  

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