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There are a few things I feel could be improved and would like to get these to developers for them to consider.  As an example:  in the investment register, if I want to add a stock purchase, I have to enter the total price, number of shares and commission, but the cost per share is grayed out.  Usually, when I buy a stock, I KNOW the number of shares, the price per share and the commission...but the way this is set up forces me to open a calculator to figure out the total price.  In Windows, it allows you to enter any 3 of the four boxes...what possible reason is there not to allow the same in the Mac version?  2nd ex:  why, in Windows version, when I do an update, I get a flag in each acct letting me know there is new info.  In Mac, I have to open EACH acct to see if there were any transactions.  Can this be that difficult to implement?  Or do the Mac folks simply not see the need?  Anyway, when I find stuff like this, how can I get it to people who might care enough to consider it as an improvement?
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Implemented in release 6.6