Add Support for Pasting Values with $ Dollar Signs into Register & Reconcile window (edited)

Blake Member ✭✭✭
For many accounts that are not connected online through quicken, users must paste dollar values from banking websites into quickens register or reconciliation fields.  It is so frustrating that quicken won't allow the pasting of a value with a dollar sign $ in it!  (e.g. $12.88 vs 12.88)Please Vote for this feature

This is a financial program isn't it?  It should be a basic ability for quicken to recognize a dollar sign!  Instead we have to be very careful we don't copy a value with a dollar sign in it...   Also, extra spaces and carriage returns aren't able to be pasted either. 

This borders on classification as a defect IMHO.  Please, please fix this.

EDIT: this request includes $, comma, returns, etc (like QM2007 can handle)
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