Report a Problem: Add a confirmation of successful submission & add tracking (4 Legacy Votes)

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Add tracking to issues submitted under report a problem QM2017

I love the new report a problem feature.  Not glad there are problems, but glad that we can relay those directly to developers.  Can we add some way of tracking what we've reported and progress in having that issue addressed?
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    Report a Problem: Add a confirmation of successful submission

    When I submit a Problem via the Help > Report a Problem link in Quicken for Mac 2017, there is no feedback to indicate a successful submission.

    I would love to get an e-mail from the receiving server, but even an in-program dialog would nice.

    As it is now, the reports could all be silently deposited in the bit bucket and the submitter would never know.

    Also nice would be saving a local copy of the report for future reference (or re-submission if the initial submission fails).

    PS: when I submitted a recent report, I found in the HTTPLog.txt file an ominous message with a time-stamp matching the moment I clicked on the Send to Quicken button:

    2017-01-29 18:30:03 +0000: [#4] RESPONSE HEADERS: ... BODY:
    {"error":"unauthorized","error_description":"Full authentication is required to access this resource"}
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    I think this would be useful to get a confirmation with an assigned reference. This would allow easy follow up via forum OR support chat/phone, etc.

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