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For QMac, display list of past Memorized Transactions for Payee (like QWin) (51 Legacy Votes)

Coming from QWin2015, I am finding the way that QMac2017 handles Memorized Transactions is frustrating.  Having a list of memorized transactions for a Payee come up like in Windows would be really helpful. I used it all the time. For example, my husband and I both get gas at the same gas station.  With the various memorized transactions, once I enter the Payee, I can choose whether it's gas for my car or his.  Another example would be a store purchase.  Sometimes I return merchandise, so if I enter the payee, I can then choose whether it's a purchase or a return.  Plus, sometimes I have splits and sometimes I don't, so I can choose a past type of transaction accordingly (split vs. non-split).

I also noticed what I consider a bug here.  I entered a transaction, and the last occurrence was a return (credit) and I wanted to enter a purchase (debit).  Because there is no separate Credit and Debit columns, even though I had changed my category to an Expense, the amount still entered as a positive number.  I had to physically enter a negative sign to force it to enter properly.  If there was a list of memorized transactions to choose from, then this could be avoided.  I would just have chosen a Debit transaction from the list.

It's taking me a lot longer to enter my transactions, because I am constantly having to change my Categories, when before I just chose the Memorized Transaction that fit what I was doing.
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Feature is not identical to Windows, but when there are multiple instances of a Payee, you have the option of selecting just the Payee, or the recent transaction.