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Medical Out of Network Payments

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My Health Insurance Company, Premera, does not send my Out of Network Doctors their checks directly, Instead, they send the claim checks to me, in my name, which I deposit into my checking account and then write them a check. How do I enter these transactions? I think I saw mention of creating a different reimbursement account so that I would deposit all checks into that account and then write the checks out of that account so it does not show up as normal income. How do I make sure it does not show up on my spending reports and excluded from taxes?  I am using Quicken 2017


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    Hi Morgan,

    I'm sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. To help us provide the most appropriate answer, please let us know which Quicken 2017 product (QWin or QMac), you are using.

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    As long as they reimburse you in full ... ;-)

    I would just write a check to my doctor, from my checking account, and categorize it to some "Reimbursable Medical Expenses" Category (which does not have a tax line item assigned).
    When you get a reimbursement check, write a deposit transaction in your checking account register and categorize it to the same "Reimbursable Medical Expenses" category.
    Running a report on transactions this category should show you if you have been reimbursed for every check you wrote.

    And, yes, instead of categorizing these transactions, you could create a Cash Account "Reimbursable Medical Expenses".
    Every check you write, every reimbursement you receive is recorded in your checking account and categorized as if it was a transfer to/from the Reimbursable Medical Expenses account.
    Quicken Windows: To make this transaction a transfer, in the Category field just type a "[" (left square bracket) followed by the first few letters of the account name and let Quicken fill in the rest.
    Quicken Mac: Use the Transfer column in your account register to select the transfer-to account name.
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    Thank you. Very helpful. 
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    I suspect you do not receive full reimbursement out of network, so it is important to capture your out of pocket expenses for tax purposes. So,while I agree with the details above, I would call it out of network medical and track it as deductible medical expenses, because it is just that.
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