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Proper way to set up Private Placement Memorandum Stock Purchase

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Early this year I purchased $20,000 of stock as part of a Private Placement Memorandum. I see the wire transfer in my Checking Account in Quicken 2017 for Windows. Each stock had a cost of $1 per share, but I cannot sell the stock until 1 year after the close of the PPM, which let's say for fun is June of 2017. 

I searched and could not find an answer specific to a PPM. I found similar scenarios and thought of treating it as an ISO account. I want to find the correct way to show the transfer of the $20,000 into the new Brokerage account, and then use the funds to purchase the stock, and then track the current value of the stock - even though I technically cannot sell it yet.


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    I would set up your PFM as a regular brokerage account.
    It would be a manual account - assuming the issuer does not offer downloading.
    You would transfer the initial funds to the account and then enter the Buy(s).

    The sales restrictions are outside the scope of Quicken - and really do not impact the goal of tracking the account activity and value.
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