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I use Quicken Premier 2015 (US Version). I use CHF as home currency. I can open new Quicken investment accounts in US $. But when I download from data from US accounts (e.g. Fidelity), the Quicken account currency changes to CHF (home currency), although the numbers shown in the account are actually US $ numbers. Result is a totally misleading picture of assets etc. Any chance of a fix to a problem that destroys Quicken as a useful tool for foreign based users? 


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    Do you have multi-currency support turned on?  EDIT, Preferences, Calendar and Currency.
    Then, you'll be able to set your Home currency (CHF) and the currency for any non-CHF accounts.

    BTW, since Q is only licensed for use in the US and Canada, I wouldn't expect any fixes for problems that only impact users outside of those 2 countries.
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    When did you change your home currency setting to CHF, before or after creating the Fidelity account(s)?

    If before it might be that it is set to just to default to the home currency, and when you switched to CHF that is what it became.

    In general it is the account that determines what currency it is.  But when you start out without multiple currency support maybe it defaults to just "home" as in it might track the home currency.
    When changing the home currency it does warn that some accounts might be changed.

    Actually backing up, I'm looking at your statement "Quicken account currency changes to CHF (home currency), although the numbers shown in the account are actually US $ numbers. "

    How do you know the currency has changed?  Does the currency symbol change in the account bar?

    I just tried this with turning on multiple currency, and changing my home currency to British pounds.  None of my accounts changed currency, but I think I have enabled and disabled in this data file in the past so that might have some bearing on this.

    I then created a new account in British pounds (checking), and downloaded to get some new investment transactions.  Everything stayed the same.

    Of course when I ran reports the reports were in British pounds.  But it did apply the current currency exchange rates to my US accounts.  Note Quicken US doesn't record exchange rates so it is not possible for it to be accurate for reports like the net worth over time report.
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