EXPANDED List - Categorized IDEAS of Feature Requests/Enhancements for Quicken Mac (51 Legacy Votes)

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The following organizes IDEAS posted for requests for feature enhancements and improvements for Quicken for Mac into various categorized lists grouped by a related topic or process.

If you want to see the condensed list, showing only the titles of the categorized groups, click here:
Categorized List of IDEAS of Feature Requests and Enhancements to Vote On

I highly recommend that you browse (or search) through the lists of IDEAS below and VOTE for each request of missing features to be added back into Quicken for Mac....to help direct the priorities of the developers.

1. Click the little grey triangle under the VOTE count in the blue banner at the bottom of this post to VOTE to promote this list, to encourage other users to also vote...it may take a moment to register (if it is black, you have already voted). 

Clicking VOTE on THIS page does NOT count towards ANY of the IDEAS listed below. You have to go to their respective page and add your vote there for it to count!

2Click the yellow star at the top of this thread if you want to receive notifications of any updates to this thread, like new IDEAS added.  

3. Click on each link
 above. Be sure to scroll down each page, then VOTE on EACH IDEA separately that you are interested in.

If you do not click the little grey triangle under the VOTE count in the blue banner at the bottom of the page of each feature, your vote will NOT be counted for THAT specific feature!

NOTE: If you have your own related IDEA, DO NOT add it to any of the lists above. Instead, create your own IDEA thread and it will eventually get added to/cross-referenced in one of these lists.

Now VOTE to your heart's content!

NOTE: All entries added to this list since the last update are marked 

You can also browse through the entire continuous list of IDEAS by to see the entire 
uncategorized list for the Mac version by clicking Product IDEAS list for QMac.

TIP: If you want to see the ranking of IDEAS based on the vote count, simply change drop-down menu for the Sort to "Top".

(Scroll down to see the EXPANDED List of Categorized IDEAS)   
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