Error OL-362A with SEI Investments new Access My Portfolio Direct Connect

SEI Investments has recently enabled Direct Connect to Quicken on a completely new website (SEI AccessMyPortfolio - the old site is SEIClientConnect). I have a brokerage account and an IRA there, and have used Web Connect on  their old site for years. My wife has an IRA on a different user profile. I am using Quicken Home and Business 2017 on Windows 10, all latest updates.
I have been able to activate Direct Connect and download transactions (via several methods, see below), but after doing so, when I add the SEI AccessMyPortfolio to my Update Settings and try to update again, I get error OL-362A - "Quicken has downloaded transactions for an account not found in your Quicken file".
Deactivating Online Downloads and re-linking them works, but does not fix the problem. Account Reset fails (unable to reset account).
I have tried the following ways to create the Direct Connect-updated SEI accounts:

1. Deactivate original WebConnect online download for both accounts, Add Account - Brokerage - SeiAccessMyPortfolio - (enter ID and pw, and authorize Quicken link on my SEI website profile, as they require; LINK TO existing brokerage and IRA.

2. Delete both accounts completely (losing lots of old data, just to see if it would bypass the problem), then adding new accounts. (backups of everything, of course)

3. Deactivating online download for the existing Quicken accounts, then adding NEW accounts (again losing old data), then deleting the old accounts.

When using LINK TO existing accounts, the default names for the accounts that come up are the account numbers, not my nicknames in Quicken. I tried LINK TO without changing the nickname (it did link to the correct account anyway), and also by expanding the link-to menu and selecting my nicknamed account. Both linked successfully the first time.

In ALL of these cases, including deleting the old accounts first and importing the accounts as brand new, attempts to update after the first time resulted in the error that I was downloading transactions to an account that didn't exist in my Quicken file (OL-362A).

I even found the "Shift-Control-Contact Info" suggestion somewhere and refreshed the contact profile for the  two accounts.

Hopefully this is a bug in SEI's newly implemented Direct Connect setup that they will fix? But if anyone has an ideas I can try, I'd appreciate it!


  • thecreatorthecreator SuperUser
    edited December 2018
    Hi @ Joseph Witkin ,

    Call SEI's Online Support. Seems like they have not gone live with Direct Connect.

    See this thread:
    thecreator - User of Quicken Subscription R18.15 & Quicken 2017 HBRP
  • Joseph WitkinJoseph Witkin Member
    edited November 2016
    I know - SEI promised an email when the system was live, and I have not received that yet. I just noticed the new "authorize Quicken download" on SEI's website, and hoped. The new SEI site, SEI AccessMyPortfolio, IS now listed by Quicken, so it is at least partially live - maybe not done. Doesn't seem like the type of error that would result from incomplete implementation, though - feels like something in my data file. I have backups at every step, so no harm in playing around...

    I did call SEI tech support - they told me that Quicken provides the support, not them. They did not say anything about not being live yet. Quicken support wanted to share my screen, from India I presume (and see all my Quicken data??) I don't think so...

  • Joseph WitkinJoseph Witkin Member
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    SEI AccessMyPortfolio Direct Connect is now official live, per their email this morning. I am still getting error OL-362A.
  • Joseph WitkinJoseph Witkin Member
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    FYI to anyone following - my advisor opened a ticket with SEI AccessMyPortfolio and was told today that this is a known issue that they are working on, ETA to fix unknown...
  • Joseph WitkinJoseph Witkin Member
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    Appears fixed this morning (12/2/16) :)
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