When adding a new Security make "Add to Watch List" optional Preference [edited]

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user davidmyyeh posted:
My gripe about the watch list: when I add a new security now, with Q16,
it AUTOMATICALLY puts it into my watch list. No checkbox to uncheck if I
don't want it in my watch list (this used to be in earlier versions of
Quicken, but now it FORCES us to put it into the watch list).
if I wanted to take it OFF the watch list? I have to go to the
securities list (ctrl-Y) and then find it to uncheck it. I have over 10
years' worth of securities as an active trader, and there's no easy way
for me to find it just by scrolling.  It would be great if I could just
uncheck from watch list straight from the "edit security" window.
I second that motion.
  • There should be a global Preferences setting to turn on / off "Automatically add new security to Watch List".
  • There
    should also be a checkbox during the "Add Security" dialog to allow you
    to choose (and/or override the global Watch List setting) while you add a new
  • A "Watch List" check box is missing from and needs to be added to the "Edit Security Details" dialog window.

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    QW2014 when adding a new security from the security list or from a Bought Shares entry.  I would presume this also appears when accepting a downloaded new security but have not confirmed.
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    Yes, q.lurker, this is the dialogue box I remember from Q13. There was DEFINITELY a checkbox I had to keep unchecking to keep from adding new securities to the watch list. Thanks! (Would've been even better if there was a 'preferences' where we could set it automatically NOT list on watch lists, but even this manual checkbox is a lot easier than hunting down a security after adding it and then unchecking that box)
  • Gil
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    I agree with this idea. In Q2016 (the version I'm currently on), there is no opportunity to NOT have a new security be added to the watch list. Like the originator of this thread, I have hundreds of securities in my list because I have owned them at one time or another. My financial planner makes most of these investment decisions. I just keep track of them. I usually add a security to my tracking when my planner buys it. I almost never "watch" it ahead of time, and after it is sold, I don't want to keep getting quotes on it. But because Quicken automatically puts every new security in the Watch list, I have to do the ctrl-y thing and go uncheck the Watch list box. Annoying, and one of many examples of how Quicken tends to devolve over time.
  • UKR - you can remove a security from the watchlist. Left click on the watchlist security and select "Remove from watchlist".
  • I agree with the need for a Global Preferences to avoid adding watchlist items or better, the checkbox when entering the security.
  • jmaino
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    I'd definitely want to see this functionality. If I may suggest - there may be classes of securities for which a user never wants added - so could defaults be on the "Secutity Type" as well as perhaps an overriding global setting?
  • Quicken SangeethaS
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    We are working on this now. Thanks for your patience! 
  • tapierce
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    I couldn't agree more... every security I add to my portfolio should NOT automatically be added to the watchlist. It's a drain on resources that's completely unnecessary. And as others have mentioned, there needs to be a "Uncheck All" option when editing a watchlist.

    It appears Quicken is working on this - thank you! Are there any updates as it's been over a couple of months now?