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Handling reverse split and spin off of Alcoa, Inc, Alcoa Corporation (Arconic) in Quicken 2017

Lucille Brandner
Lucille Brandner Member ✭✭
edited March 2017 in Investing (Windows)
Why does Quicken 2017 change transactions such as in a reverse split? It changes all of the transactions from the original purchase date and changes them to reflect as if the amounts were there from the beginning. Then with a spin-off on top of it, it shows the new entity as it it were there from the date of the purchase of the original stock. Messes up all prices and data when you try to look back. This was Alcoa prior to the reverse split on October 31st. I had purchased shares on three different occasions. Then after the reverse 1 for 3 split they spun off 19.9% to Alcoa Corp. Alcoa inc changed it's name to Arconic.


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