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I recently moved from 'Quicken 2007 for Mac' to Quicken 2016 for Mac  and am very disappointed. I thought it was just a new learning curve,but I keep finding things that are either not accurate or just not present.
I had more than 10 years of saved tax reports that I cannot find. When I create a customized report, I cannot re-organize by date, payee or other previously customized fields, which makes it hard to read. Also, I cannot find "Quick Report" which offered a really easy way to run a report on just one category, or payee, or other field, and save that report.
I am also having trouble in my account transactions. Reconciling accounts is harder and less accurate. My checking account total is wrong, and I cannot find the error.

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    Amy, it's hard to help you troubleshoot all the issues without knowing more specifics of some of your issues. I'd actually suggest starting new questions for each different topic (like reconciling), so you stand a better chance of getting answers from people here who can offer help.

    Let me tackle the reports issues here. First, as you've discovered, saved reports do not come over from Quicken 2007. The report engine is very different in Quicken 2016, with many features different or not present in the new programs, so the developers did not build a way for them to partially transfer. Some fellow Quicken users here are still lobbying for this, but I don't know that this is likely to get added in the future. Since not all the report features map to Quicken 2016, it would be difficult, if not impossible, until/unless the reports capabilities in the new program are beefed up. (Note that even if such features are added, Quicken 2016 is now in maintenance mode and will only receive bug fixes and security updates; all new features will only show up in Quicken 2017.) By the time new reports features are added, the declining number of ongoing Quicken 2007 users may make writing complex transfer processes a low priority. But that's just speculation; for now, there is no transfer of Quicken 2007 reports, and your only option is to re-create what you need in Quicken 2016, if the features exist for the reports you want.

    Quick Report was one of the missing features from quicken 2007 which I found problematic early on, but a combination of learning to do things differently and some enhancements to the program have mostly solved this issue, in my opinion. The fist thing to realize is that the Search box, in the upper right side of a transaction register screen, pretty much does what Quick Reports did: you can do a fast search against all columns, or click the tiny little triangle next to the magnifying glass to select searching specific columns (e.g. categories or memos or payees). By selecting one account, or an account group (e.g. Cash & Credit), or All Accounts in the left sidebar, you can control which accounts are searched. If you're just looking for info, this often suffices.

    But you said you want to create a printed report. This exists, too. Let's say you want a report on a particular Payee, such as Home Depot. Find a Home Depot transaction, and Control-Click on the transaction line. In the dropdown menu that appears, the fifth menu item is "Report on Home Depot"; select that, and Quicken will crete a report of all transactions for Home Depot transactions. It will initially use the date range you had selected in your register, but you can change the date -- or any other parameter -- by clicking Customize in the upper right corner of the report window. Also in the customize dialog box, at the bottom, is a check box for "Save as a custom report", which allows you to save your current search criteria and name the report for easy use in the future. The same "quick report" functionality wen clicking on a transaction exists for the category of the transaction, too. 

    While the reports customization gives you pretty good control over accounts, dates, categories, tags and payees, you are correct that you have almost no control over formatting the reports. You can't change sort order, add or hide any columns, adjust column widths, etc. A lot of us here have been lobbying the Quicken developers to revamp the report engine to offer this type of flexibility, but so far, they've focused on other areas of need in the program. I'm still hopeful that they'll get to overhauling reports at some point in the future. 
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     Welcome to the club. But aren't those graphs pretty!
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    Yes, as you have discovered, customizing reports is not very mature and lacks many essential features compared to QM2007. 

    You may want to review ALL the features and be sure to add your VOTE to each of the features identified in the:As for issues with reconciliation, see if this article helps: 
    Quicken Mac v3.5 Reconcile Troubleshooting.

    Meanwhile, you may want to add your VOTE to Track/store Prior Reconciled Statements/periods which would make it so much easier to identify discrepancies (in minutes or seconds, vs hours, days, or weeks) and also allow re-reconciling a period.

    You may also want to add your VOTE to related IDEAS found on the List of Requests for Reconciliation Process.

    First, click on each underlined link above to go there. Scroll down the page and click on the link to EACH IDEA separately you are interested inThen click VOTE at the top of THAT page, so your will vote count for THAT feature and increase its visibility to the developers.

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      If you find this reply helpful, please be sure to click "Like", so others will know, thanks.

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      Thank you much! I will try all these suggestions. Much appreciated!
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