qfx file does not always import the stock prices into quicken 2015

Ron CraderRon Crader Member
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I manually download a qfx file from Nationwide to update my fund
prices in Quicken 2015.  I am successful
only about 50% of the time with the prices being updated.  I have opened the files in Excel to compare a
successful file vs. an unsuccessful file and the only difference I find in the
file is the date value for <DTPRICEASOF>, dollar value for
<UNITPRICE> and dollar value for <MKTVAL>.  This makes sense as the values for the funds
change daily.  All other line items are
identical in the files unless there was some value change from a trade, etc.  I have also viewed the qfx log file to
compare the downloads and have the same results as with Excel.   

 I always use the same procedure – go to Nationwide, select
download transactions to Quicken, save the file and then run the saved
file.  This has been an issue for years,
including with prior versions.  When the
import does not work, I manually enter the prices for the funds.

 Any ideas?


  • NotACPANotACPA SuperUser
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    More info needed. What's the full name (in Q) of "Nationwide"?
    When you do TOOLS, Account List, what shows in the "Transactions Download" column across from your Nationwide account/
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  • Ron CraderRon Crader Member
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    Nationwide Financial is the name.  Are you referring to the "Last Download" column when you mention "Transactions Download"?  The date shown in "Last Download" is Dec 8, 2016 - 6:58 am.  The is no "Transactions Download".
  • q_lurkerq_lurker SuperUser
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    As I understand it, some financial institutions do not provide quote updates unless there are also transactions to download.  Could that be what is happening with your Nationwide account?  If so, you need to talk to them.    
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