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I have set up several "folders" in Quicken such as Home Reports, Monthly Budget Reports, Quarterly Budget Reports and Tax Reports.  When opening a report that is residing in one of these folders when you go to save the report again the default folder should be the folder from which the report originated from not the current default which is My Saved Reports. 

When you open an existing document in Word, or Excel etc. for editing and you go to save it, the current folder is automatically the default.  It should be the same in Quicken.  If I open a report from the Monthly Budget Reports folder the default for saving the edited report should be Monthly Budget Reports not My Saved Reports.

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  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    You got my vote. This has bothered me forever.

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  • Unknown
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    When you save a report that is in a folder the folder is closed when you change then save the report. Why? The folder should be left open.
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  • smayer97
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    Maybe needs a better title to be found?
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  • Jim_Harman
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    Good idea @smayer97. I took the liberty of editing the title to make it more descriptive.
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  • tabasco
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    I'm with you.....bothered me forever, and I'd think easy to do.