Add a "Saving Backup" notification window when Quicken quits

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QM2017 has added the ability to save a compressed backup file when the program closes. This process takes some time during which there is no indication that it is working even though the Quicken icon remains in the dock. This can lead the user to think the program has hung up or frozen.

Suggestion: Add a modal window, preferably with a progress bar, that stays active until the backup process is complete and Quicken terminates.
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This is the current process in the subscription version


  • Unknown
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    edited February 2017
    Sounds like a great idea.
    An alternative would be the same window but with the ability to either 'save' or 'do not save'.
  • NewMac2017
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    edited January 2017
    I agree. It would be nice to see a visual of your backup when you exit QM2017.