Multiple tags per transaction may give surprising (erroneous) results in reports (2 Merged Votes)

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QM2007 allowed only 1 Class/Tag per transaction. As such, Reports after conversion to QM2017 are predictable.

now, QM2017 allows multiple Tags, and this feature can lead to
troubling results, particularly in Reports involving $ amounts.

For example in the QM2017 "TAG SUMMARY BY YEAR" report, when a given transaction contains 2 or more targeted Tags, it is reported as 2 or more independent transactions.
This multiplies the $ amount of that transaction tallied within the subtotals and totals.

Obviously we need to avoid this problem by judicious use of multiple Tags/Transaction.

it would be better if there were an option to report such
transactions accurately ...  just once.  Even better, if the talley were based on a
user-selected-option among targeted Tags.
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    Agreed that this presents a challenge. I posted a proposal over 3 months ago on how to deal with this here:

    I also believe the approach for proposed solution for reports would work equally well for Budgets.

    If you agree, click on LIKE over on that post and I will copy the contents here as a possible solution.

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    If you find this reply helpful, please be sure to click "Like", so others will know, thanks.

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  • Bill MurpheyBill Murphey Member
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    Thanks for  the link back.  I agree something like that would be helpful.

    When I first came across this issue, I thought about an option to "count" only the first instance of a multiply-tagged transaction... but that assumes a logical and persisting structure to the tags in a transaction record.
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    the following is a copy of a proposal given here:

    @Marcus (and developers), in a discussion here, it became apparent that some issues need to be dealt with regarding tags. Since transactions can have multiple tags, there is the possibility to get cross-tagging, which would result in double-counting. I believe the options are quite simple to deal with this. Let me present to you my suggestions:

    Without having analyzed it completely, I can see only 2-3 solutions to that challenge of developing such a columnar report: either this report format carries a warning that any transactions that have more than one tag and appear on the report will be double counted, or the program goes the extra step to warn the user if it found cross-tagged transactions that are being double-counted, or even one step further, for any row where cross-tags are detected, the user can be given the option to not display subtotal or total for those lines; this would give the user a visual cue as to where approximately the cross-tagging exists. 

    Whichever way, I cannot see any program knowing what to do beyond that; it would be up to the user to decide how best to handle that. In some cases, it may be as simple as the user choosing to not display subtotals and/or totals (QM2007 has the functionality to choose your columns, including which subtotals and totals to display in such a report), or the user would have to decide if that cross-tagging makes sense for the transactions involved.

    As an example, here is the column selection for a sample columnar report in QM2007:

    This could easily be modified to add the option to show/not show subtotals and/or totals for any rows that have cross-tagged transactions. 

    BTW, just in case this is not clear, this means that this report format should handle Subtotals and Totals across the rows, as well as in vertical columns.

    (If you find this reply helpful, please be sure to click "Like", so others will know, thanks.)

    If you find this reply helpful, please be sure to click "Like", so others will know, thanks.

    (Canadian user since '92, STILL using QM2007)

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  • :/
    I suggest that Reports should not show any transaction from a tag that has been removed from the report customize filter list (selection checkbox). The problem happens when a transaction has multiple tags, even when the report filter is set to "Any" of the selected tags. If Tag1 is included in the customize tag filter list and Tag2 is not included in the filter list, any transaction with both Tag1 and Tag2 will be shown, this is not helpful in many cases. For single tagged transactions, those with only Tag1 will be shown and transactions with only Tag2 will not be shown. It is odd to me that a transaction with both tags will still be shown when I have specifically filtered one out.

    Right now we only have an "Any" or "All" filter selection when customizing a report. How about adding an "Only" option so that when someone says to remove Tag2 from the report, any transaction that has that Tag will be removed, even where multiple tags are used? This seems so much more logical to me when I am being asked if I want to filter out specific tags. Tags are very handy to use for this purpose since is prevents someone needing to add in a whole bunch of new categories etc when they have complex situations such as working for themselves with multiple clients, or have rental properties, etc...

    Thanks. :)
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