Where does Quicken store the Password Vault?

Quicken Premier 2017 for Windows.  The Password Vault contains my private passwords for banking and other financial accounts.  I'm interested in whether this highly sensitive information is stored on my local computer (in my Quicken Data File) OR does Quicken transfer and maintain my Password Vault info on it's own servers (i.e. "the cloud?").  Was not successful getting an answer using Quicken Support Live Chat.


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    The Password Vault is encrypted and it is stored in the data file.  Note this is full blown encryption no one including Quicken Inc can open the Password Vault without the password (no way to bypass it, unlike the Quicken data file password).

    I will also note something about the the password for the Password Vault, and other services where your financial institutions usernames and passwords would be stored on Quicken/Intuit servers.

    On the password for the Password Vault, the first thing you have to determine is if you are using the Intuit Id password for the Password Vault or using a "custom password".

    By default for a new data file/user Quicken will just default to the Intuit Id password (a very bad choice in my opinion).  But the user can change it to a "custom" password by selecting:
    Tools -> Password Vault -> Add/Edit Passwords... -> Manage Vault Password

    If you are using the Intuit Id password, that is an online account and of course it is store (encrypted) on the Intuit servers so that it can check your login.

    If you are using the custom password that isn't stored anywhere.

    As for your usernames and passwords for your financial institutions.
    If any of your accounts are using Express Web Connect, the usernames, passwords, and security questions for that account will be on the Intuit servers.  They are needed because the servers log into the financial institution's to get you your transactions.  This is typically done once a day.

    And along the same lines, if you are using Quicken Mobile the same thing happens.
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    Thanks for a very complete answer to my question.  I do use a "custom password" for the vault, and I'm not using "Express Web Connect," so sounds like my account info is as safe as it can be.  Thanks again!
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