Problem after install of patch R11 for Deluxe 2016

K CashK Cash Member
Update to R11, Deluxe 2016 windows caused red flags for transactions between my 2 investment accounts, transfers from one account to another, to not show in the update list to accept and the red flags on the accounts are stuck on.  I tried the suggested fix using the online account and although it does show the two stuck transactions, it did nothing to the problem.  


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  • Jay KaplanJay Kaplan Member
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    having similar problem
  • Dennis NelsonDennis Nelson Member
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    Same issue with same version happening to me.  However it is only happening with a cash transaction that should impact only the cash account (i.e. month credit card cash reward).  Had a number of other cash brokerage transactions from stock and mutual funds sales on same day (3/2/17) and those properly posted to brokerage and related brokerage cash account.  flag still suggests there is a transaction to post but it will not show up other than details of the transaction in the online center under tools.  Normally when cash only transaction to brokerage cash account are downloaded you will get a flag for the brokerage account and the cash account.  the program is not allowing the cash only transaction to be accepted as it is otherwise invisible when you go to accept it.  I have tried the accept all button in the brokerage account but it still will not accept the cash only transaction and am left with the accept all and accept button greyed out and a continue button which when pressed switches you to cash account and no visible transaction to accept.
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