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I'd like to suggest that the instructions provided with the update include saving a backup data file so someone else doesn't have the same problem I had in which the category assignments to the transactions were changed. 
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    OK, great suggestion.

    However, if Quicken is your most valuable data file that you absolutely cannot do without because it contains ALL your financial history, you should be making backups of that data file after EACH and every use.  And having multiple day backups available should be the norm.

    You should be using CTRL + B when you are finished working with Quicken.  Additionally, I would also backup to a cloud based service such as Google Drive, DropBox or Microsoft's cloud service.

    If a disaster struck such as a theft, fire, tornado, flood etc you NEED to have your data accessible.

    However, you might have been saved because Quicken will make automatic backups of your data based on the setting you have in Quicken.  Those files reside in the BACKUP sub folder in the same folder as your Quicken data resides.  
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